2022 Winter Olympics: Everything you need to know

By Alex Budzynski, Editor-in-Chief The Olympic flame was set ablaze last Friday to open the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, making it the first city to host both summer and winter games.  According o the International Olympic Committee (IOC), there are 91 delegations at the games with over 2,900 athletes competing in 109 events. There are 15 different disciplines across seven sports, with new events in bobsled, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, short track and ski jumping. The 2022 games are now the second to take place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vowing to keep them virus-free, Chinese authorities have constructed a … Continue reading 2022 Winter Olympics: Everything you need to know

Venice is flooding…again

By Alex Budzynski, Editor-in-Chief Most tourists spend their days walking at a brisk pace, awestruck by historic monuments, ornate cathedrals, and towering skyscrapers. Their sightseeing is interrupted for one of two things: souvenirs or food. Cheap t-shirts, dinky keychains or warm lattes that are overpriced beyond belief. Now imagine doing all of this while wading through inches of water. That is the current reality for Venetians and hundreds of tourists in the aptly named “City of Water.” Flooding in The Floating City is nothing new and has, in fact, been happening for hundreds of years. Driven by high tides, the … Continue reading Venice is flooding…again