Why are you excited for Manresa?

While the rest of campus has been preparing to return to Xavier for their fall semester, a group of students have been working hard to prepare for Manresa, Xavier’s first-year student orientation program. This group of students is known as the Manresa Orientation Team and is comprised of Core, Group Leaders and Staff Members. Together … Continue reading Why are you excited for Manresa?

Saying goodbye to the familiar

Alex Budzynski is a Campus News Editor for the Newswire. He is a sophomore public relations major from Fairfax, Va. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through the deepest part of a forest and coming across a cave. You take a step closer to examine it and discover it is darker than pitch-black night, … Continue reading Saying goodbye to the familiar

Campus-Wide Renovations Continue

While the majority of the student body has been enjoying the summer wherever they call home, construction crews have been working tirelessly to make various improvements around campus. Besides the multimillion HUB project that will be opening on August 19, several other smaller restorations have been in progress, including the Mail Center and Clocktower Lounge. … Continue reading Campus-Wide Renovations Continue