Last 18+ bar Top Cats changes age policy to 21+

The last 18+ bar in Cincinnati, Top Cats, has updated its age policy to only allowing patrons ages 21 and up entry on weekends. The decision has left Xavier underclassmen divided. Top Cats will only 18+ Thursdays.

Popular underclassmen dive bar Top Cats has recently updated their age policy from 18+ to 21. The bar will remain open to 18+ college students on Thursdays only with a valid college ID.

The change took place in January, but the music venue and bar gave little notice to students beforehand.

Many underclassmen were shocked to learn that they would no longer be admitted on the weekends.

“It sucks, I guess, because my friends without fakes can’t go anymore,” first-year psychology major Will Pisani said.

Students also noted that the age change to 21, as well as the current apparent absence of 18+ bars in the Cincinnati area, might incentivize more underclassmen to purchase fake IDs.

“It’s limited my time that I can spend away from campus,” first-year biomedical sciences major Julian Wiggins said. “Now that the age limit has been increased, I have no reason to go to University of Cincinnati anymore.”

“I think it will have an effect on the amount of fake IDs purchased by students, but I also think it will have an effect on students’ safety, leading to more underage drinking, getting arrested, seeking other ways to get their hands on alcohol,” junior health service administration major Grace Riley said.  “They’re just gonna resort to other ways to ‘have fun.’”

Some students noted that while the change hasn’t affected them directly, the bar now appears to house a more mature crowd.

“I’m not even sure if anyone even still goes to Top Cats anymore. This move will deter people even more from going there because the only appeal of Top Cats was that the minimum age was 18,” first-year sport management major Grant Kindler said.

Other underclassmen felt the change didn’t affect them and that the age increase was overall beneficial to students.

“I don’t go there that much but I’m assuming it’s because they got raided along with Lateral. It’s probably a good thing, but I’m sure they’re not gonna be that strict. They never were,” first-year biomedical sciences major Alex Grant said.

Some upperclassmen have expressed remorse that their younger classmates will no longer be able to frequent the bar of their underclassmen years.

“I’m really disappointed that Top Cats is 21 and up now; I have so many great memories there,” senior Philosophy, Politics and Public major Nico Patrico said.

Top Cats will remain open to students 18 years or older on Thursday nights from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. On Friday and weekend nights, Top Cats will only be available for those who are 21and older.