Photo-op: pondering pre-existing perceptions

Students reflect on how Xavier has influenced their sense of faith and justice

“I definitely see faith and justice in my life at LGBTQ Alliance meetings and activities.

Also, being present on campus makes me think about justice in general and how we can work to make the school more equitable for everyone, I suppose.”

Emily Hoose

Sophomore applied chemistry major

“I think for me the first time I saw faith and justice at work was in my first-year theology class, one of the first college classes I ever took.

Before Xavier, I went to a small Christian school, so this was the first time I heard views which were different than my own. It was a very eye-opening experience that has continued to challenge me.” 

Sarah Dillion

Sophomore biology major

“Having friends and acquaintances that have different views that maybe oppose mine are interesting to see, I guess?

I wouldn’t say I have ever been challenged, per se, but it’s definitely become part of my world as a Jesuit student. We all have different viewpoints, but are all united under the Jesuit values.”

Lauren Hanley

Sophomore applied biology major

“My theology class for sure. I have often thought about interesting controversial topics. My theology class really opened me up to new ideas and viewpoints.”

Michael Armitage

First-year finance major

“I think I probably see faith and justice at work when I do service. One of the places, I recently worked at was Lydia’s House.

Sort of learning how to balance faith and action made me ask myself how much do I let my religion impact the way I work and engage with others because I have to realize that the people that I work with aren’t necessarily like-minded and I have to respect that.”

Caroline Dziubek

First-year English major