Virtual photo-op: passing our time in quarantine

“How are you coping with social distancing and being away from campus?”

Kiera Wolkins
Junior communication studies major

“I really enjoy spending time with people so social distancing has been difficult… I’ve been FaceTiming or talking on the phone with friends to make myself feel less cooped up while I’m stuck at home. As far as school, it’s been a bit challenging transitioning to remote learning full-time but I’m hoping that as each class’ expectations become more defined it’ll be easier to schedule my time a bit better so I’ll actually be productive.”

Don Moore
Junior Philosophy, Politics and the Public

“I’m taking guitar masterclasses from all of my favorite guitarists on to pass the time and enjoying self-care habits that I don’t get to do when I am running around campus all day. Still super stressed about all of the assignments I have left though, haha.”

Mitch Tapia
Senior graphic design major

“As a creative, an extrovert and someone diagnosed with ADHD, quarantine is somewhat of a ‘worst case scenario’ for me. I’ve been trying to keep in touch with people as much as possible: FaceTime, social gaming, group dinners with the few guys left in the house. It’s the best we got. At the end of the day, much of what I do and where I thrive relies on a certain level of social connectedness that is simply not possible now.”

Mercy Torres
First-year social work major

“I’ve been able to cope with social distancing by creating the structure I had on campus by setting aside a time frame each day to do my work and a designated area to do it to avoid laying in my bed or procrastinating my work. I also have become more active on social media to keep in touch with my friends and we’re starting to send mail with art, postcards and other things from our homes to share with each other.”

Nadia Tawfik
First-year nursing major

“As a commuter student, I haven’t had to experience the change of suddenly moving back home, but not being able to go to school and see all my friends and be in class in person has impacted me. I would rather see people in person instead of having to contact over technology any day, and I work best learning inside the classroom.”