‘90s sitcoms still seem to resonate

Many longtime fans of ‘90s sitcoms have jumped at the chance to revisit them and reminisce during this period of quarantine. The shows’ comedy, storytelling, relatability, light-heartedness and complexity make them timeless.

A few weeks ago, I did a review on some of the most classic “Disney Channel” sitcoms. While that was a fun tribute to many of our childhoods, I failed to review some of my favorite shows of all time. You know the shows that would come on after “Disney Channel” hours were over, or “Nickelodeon” turned into “Nick at Night?” Yeah, those shows. 

90’s sitcoms are timeless. I always felt somewhat rebellious as a kid when I was up so late at night that George Lopez was jumping across my screen. So, while we’ve been gifted an abundance of time to catch up with old traditions, here’s a review of some of our most classic throwback shows to binge watch for when Disney just isn’t cutting it. 

“Saved by the Bell”

“Saved by the Bell” is like the more playful version of “Boy Meets World.” It’s a classic high school sitcom with a fun-loving cast. What’s not to like? The only thing keeping the show from receiving five stars is the corniness. Nonetheless, “Saved by the Bell” has all of the sitcom essentials: friendship, love, drama, and awesome 90’s fashion. As an added bonus, Mario Lopez’s dimples can be seen throughout the series. 


“Seinfeld” is genuinely funny and something I still watch regularly. Each of the four main characters are complex, funny, and a complete mess, keeping the show entertaining and unpredictable. The sitcom is light-hearted for the most part and a comedy at its roots, but also doesn’t shy away from making a joke about an occasional tough topic. If you’re in the category of people who only watch “Friends” and not “Seinfeld,” you’re missing out.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (5 stars)

If you try to say that you don’t know all of the words to the theme song, you’re lying. It’s a classic storyline of trying to fit in somewhere you don’t, but if your family was super rich and lived in LA. Not only was the show funny, it dealt with serious subjects and was one of the first sitcoms with a predominately African American cast. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” broke TV boundaries in the 90’s and still remains a captivating and inspiring show.

“Full House”

Just about everyone I know watched “Full House” growing up and while I feel like I should give the show a higher rating because it was on for so long, I just can’t get over the cheesiness of it. It’s a single dad with three daughters and some crazy uncles, so the show had some potential and even a few good episodes. But every episode was met with a life lesson and another cliché. “Full House” was redundant and not worth the watch. “Fuller House,” the recently produced reboot, is especially not worth the watch and was a real disappointment.

“The Nanny”

Fran Fine was the perfect opposite for the family she happened upon. She’s the bright, real, fun, and loud nanny to three children of a stuck-up British single dad. Just by reading that short description, you can probably tell there is an inevitable love story, right? Even though the show is predictable, it’s witty, entertaining, exaggerated, and a classic tribute to 90’s fashion.