Surf’s up for summer streaming

The past two months of worldwide lockdowns have left millions of people trapped in their houses with little to do other than binge-watch TV series. Perhaps you have ventured into an unfamiliar genre, caught up on your pre-quarantine show or re-watched an old classic. 

As the summer heats up, the drama on the screen does so too, as streaming services roll out heaps of new shows. Here are some of the TV series I am anxiously awaiting. 

Queer Eye

Netflix, June 5

The Fab 5 are back in the city of brotherly love, determined to spread love in an unstoppable storm of chaos and positivity. In this revival’s fifth season, there appears to be no shortage of unadulterated fun, as the Queer Eye boys are on a mission to impact the lives of those they meet, both on and off the screen. 

If Jonathan’s bubbling personality and Karamo’s charm are not enough, this season the Fab 5 visit a priest — you better believe it is going to be an emotional roller coaster. 

The Politician

Netflix, June 19

This show centers around the young, ambitious Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) whose personal mission is to become president of the United States. In its inaugural season, the show followed Payton on his bombastic and zigzagging path to student body president. 

This year’s second season is slated to follow him and his friends in a tumultuous race for New York’s state senate. 

This Ryan Murphy satire was enthralling the first time around, and I am pumped to see where these characters go next. 

Love, Victor

Hulu, June 19

To say that I am excited for this show would be a gross understatement. Based on the same universe as “Love, Simon”, this story is about Victor, Creekwood High School’s newest student on his journey of self-discovery. 

Seemingly, this coming-of-age story will tackle some hard-hitting questions, as Victor grapples with his sexual orientation, forms new friendships and finds his way in the world. It may not be “family friendly” enough for Disney+, but it will 100% be across my screen on June 19. 

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi

Hulu, June 19

When this show came across my radar, I was immediately excited by what Lakshmi will bring to the table, literally and figuratively. No stranger to the culinary world, Lakshmi will presumably explore different cuisines — including Thai, Native American, Creole, and others— that have influenced America’s people and culture. Salivating yet? Just watch the trailer and you will have a taste for this show as much as I do. 

This also is the third show that will be released on June 19, meaning my calendar has essentially been blocked off for ‘binge watching’ the entire weekend. 

The Umbrella Academy

Netflix, July 31

If I am being honest, this is not a show I would typically watch on my own. It is dark and edgy with a dash of humor, following the quirky lives of seven brothers and sisters with superpowers and serious family issues. 

However, after doing nothing but binging this show for two straight days, I was immediately hooked on this mind-blowing escapade. 

After a year and a half wait, the second season is finally around the corner, and I am crossing my fingers that the whirlwind cliffhanger ending comes to some resolution. 

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Disney+, August

Even with the final installation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), we all know that the Avengers are nowhere close to ending the heart-throbbing action and jaw-dropping plotlines that fans love. 

This show will follow Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they brave perilous missions and test the limits of their superhuman abilities. 

As any dedicated fan knows, the Falcon has been bestowed the shield of Captain America, possibly enhancing his connection to the Winter Soldier. I am excited by this show’s potential to dig deeper into the lives of these secondary characters and bring their voices into the spotlight.