Residence Life COVID-19 quarantine procedures update

Courtesy of maggie schroeder
Summarized from resident life

Previously, quarantine procedures for on-campus residents required self quarantine for all roommates and suite mates of students who met “close contact” criteria provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Xavier and TriHealth have not observed a greater risk of infection among the roommates and suite mates of close contacts.

As a result of these developments, effective Thursday, Sept. 10, on-campus close contacts will be relocated to quarantine space located at a nearby hotel.

The on-campus roommates and suite’ mates of those close contacts (who are not close contacts themselves) will not be required to continue or begin a quarantine period. These students will be advised to follow CDC guidelines for daily health monitoring and will be provided with more specific resources and support.

Xavier will continue to provide separate isolation spaces for students who may receive a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result and some on-campus quarantine may still be required.

Xavier continuously analyzes community health metrics and will take immediate action to ensure the health and safety of the community if there is a significant increase in the infection rate.