D’artagnan drip eport: student mask showcase

We asked students where they got their favorite mask and why they love it

written BY: EMILIE KRACIK, staff writer
Dieonte Miles
Sophomore sports management major

“My favorite masks are the ones with Xavier logos.
I like them because they show school spirit. I’ve got- ten all mine online.”

Kellie LeTart
Junior communication major

“My favorite masks are from Old Navy because they have a great assort- ment of colors and pat- terns, so you can match your mask with any outfit. They’re a great deal, you can get 5 for $12.50 or 10 for $25!”

Jacob Tarter
Sophomore entrepreneurial studies major

“My favorite mask is this one I got from Target. It’s plain blue so it doesn’t attract attention and can go with any outfit. It’s perfect because it’s easy to breathe in and navy is my color.”

Angelica Molen
Senior nursing major

“Surgical masks are my favorite to wear. They’re basic, comfortable and easy to breathe in. Before you throw them out, be sure to cut the strings so they don’t become a danger to animals.”

Mary Mahaffee
Sophomore biology major

“My favorite mask is one I got from Etsy. I love it be- cause I love anything spar- kly and pink! It keeps me stylish while also keeping the people around me safe.”