Food accounts have Instagram beef

Three flavor-focused Instagram accounts fight for culinary critique crown

written by: erin albright, staff writer
Photos courtesy of @xufoodreview (left), @xufoodies (middle) and @grippingxufoodwithforce (right) on Instagram
Debut campus dining Instagram account @xufoodreview inspired two additional Xavier food-critiquing accounts to join the scene this fall, @xufoodies and @grippingxufoodwithforce. Each account takes their own spin on reviews and approach their work at differing levels of serious

With so many different selections to choose from, many students find themselves overwhelmed when deciding what to eat.

Thanks to a few anonymous students and their creative use of social media, three Instagram accounts have been created to help narrow down the choices for their peers. These accounts, @xufoodies, @xufoodreview and @grippingxufoodwithforce, frequently rate the different options across Xavier’s campus. 

The three accounts have developed a healthy rivalry as each try to become the superior food critic on campus.

For @xufoodreview, the desire to start the account stemmed from the fact that there were none like it. The page’s original content, as well as its accurate and honest reviews, led to a speedy rise in followers. 

However, soon after @xufoodreview established itself as the campus’ resident food reviewer, @xufoodies was added to the mix, and the competition began. 

As @xufoodies started critiquing food in the dining hall, @xufoodreview felt that their unique idea had been stolen, and that they were being slandered by their competition. In their Sep. 7 post about the main line meal, @xufoodies wrote “These vegetables were very limp, lifeless and disappointing, much like @xufoodreview.” 

When  @xufoodies was asked if they had intended to copy or slander @xufoodreview in their posts, they claimed it was all in good fun. 

“We saw @xufoodreview and thought it was a cool idea. After following the account for a few days, we thought we could do better… we do believe we are more accurate, descriptive and try to be more light-hearted,” says @xufoodies. 

“We got inspiration from their account, but our motivation behind making ours was simply from being disappointed from their attempt at rating XU food.”

While @xufoodies and @xufoodreview have been competing to become the better and more accurate food reviewer on campus, @grippingxufoodwithforce quickly came into play.

@grippingxufoodwithforce, inspired by the meme account @grippingfoodswithforce says that their reasoning behind creating the account was to make fun of the other accounts. The account is also trying to get Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow, who follows @grippingfoodswithforce, to follow them as well. 

 When asked why they started the account, @grippingxufoodwith force said, “There are two main reasons really, the first being to poke some fun at the food review pages while having fun ourselves, and to get Joe Burrow to follow us, as he follows the official food gripping account.” 

 Not only do they acknowledge that they have absolutely no clue what they are doing, but also pride themselves on taking food reviews to a new level of creativity and individualism. 

“No one else grips the food that’s for sure… we also are all freshmen and have no idea what we’re doing, so it’s nice to root for the underdog,” writes @grippingxufoodwithforce.  

This relaxed approach has proved successful in gaining student support. Freshman Brandon Goldsberry says that his favorite of the three accounts is @grippingxufoodwithforce. He says, “I like @grippingxufoodwithforce because it gives the proportion sizes of the food compared to the person’s hand. That way you know if you’re getting a small meal or if you need to go for seconds.” 

The three accounts are open to students submitting reviews. Despite each page having a slightly different angle toward on-campus food reviews, the three unanimously agree that the spicy chicken sandwich and the burgers are the best options for students in the Caf.