Six new clubs introduce themselves to campus

written by: Erin Albright, staff writer
Photo courtesy of @blackcarexu on Instagram
The Black Care club has already collaborated with established clubs.

Six conditional clubs on Xavier’s campus are currently recruiting and developing themselves in hopes of being approved as full-time clubs.

The current conditional clubs on campus are Students against Slavery (Human Trafficking Awareness Club), The Games Club, Xavier Sneakers With a Soul, Active Minds, Fashion Club and Black Care Club (BCC).  

Conditional clubs must endure a nine-week period of active club participation in order to be recognized by the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Student Organizations Committee (SOC) as an official club. The purpose of this nine-week conditional status is for the clubs to expand membership and grow the awareness of their group on campus. 

To begin the process of starting a new club, students must evaluate existing clubs, submit an initial proposal of their desired club and meet with SGA and SOC. Initial proposal requirements include having an advisor that is a member of Xavier faculty or staff. The club must acknowledge Jesuit values and all ages must be allowed to join. More specific requirements are listed for clubs pertaining to specific majors, cultural backgrounds and performing arts groups. 

If the club is approved, the students must then write by-laws for the club and begin the conditional status period. After the nine-week conditional status ends, SOC may submit an application to SGA for full club status if the club has proven to be successful and engaging. 

The six organizations are monitored by SOC and each of the clubs is assigned a liaison who serves as a point of contact for the emerging club. 

Sen. Vinny Dang, the chairman of SOC who serves as liaison for Black Care Club, said, “BCC’s focus is on the mental health and maintaining a safe environment for new and current Black students. One opportunity BCC aims to provide to students is a support network for students that may need mentorship to help better understand their issues.” 

SGA currently recognizes 194 different extracurricular groups on campus, with 105 of those being clubs and 28 club sports. 

Clubs on campus are given certain privileges and responsibilities. These include getting assigned a Xavier email for the organization, fundraising and receiving funding. 

In addition, clubs can participate in Club Days on campus, which take place at the start of the fall and spring semesters each year. 

Club Day, which draws hundreds of students, is the main opportunity for clubs to expand their membership. Should they pass, they will be eligible to participate in the January 2021 Club Day. 

Students are able to download the EngageXU app to explore clubs and organizations on campus and get involved.