Photo-op: Parks and Rec goodbye

written By: Chloe Salveson , staff writer

 As of the first of Oct. 1, beloved comedy show Parks and Recreation has been removed from Netflix. Here is what some Xavier students had to say about the show’s recent removal.

Cedar Earlywine
First-year Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

“I’m not nervous about it because I’ve only seen one episode. It’s free on Amazon Prime last I checked. The Office is better.”

Adrian Stuphan
First-year finance major

“Ron Swanson is the best person ever. Leslie Knope’s work ethic will never be forgotten. F*ck Netflix for taking the show off.” 

Jake Prestileo 
Sophomore psychology major

“I liked Parks and Rec a lot. It was a good show to rewatch episodes of whenever you were bored or needed some background noise. It stinks that Netflix is deciding to move away from it. I feel it’s not the best decision since it’s a pretty popular show, and I feel like it is rewatched a lot.” 

Jordan Perez
Senior management and finance double major 

 “I think it’s super sad they’re taking Parks and Rec off Netflix. The good news is I’ve heard it’s moving to Peacock, and I’ve already subscribed to it, so I can watch it there!”

Alison Dible
First-year theatre performance and English double major

“I actually didn’t know Parks and Rec was leaving Netflix! To me, it’s one of the best comedies of the past decade, and it’s a shame that Parks and Rec is leaving Netflix.”