Newswire wins 10 OMNA awards

Newswire celebrates winning its second ONMA title, thank you for reading By Chloe Salveson, Print Managing Editor Newswire was awarded the Frank E. Deaner Excellence in Collegiate Journalism Award for the second year in a row on March 31. The Ohio News Media Association (OMNA) have awarded collegiate newspapers for journalistic prowess annually for the past 14 years based on student enrollment. Newswire has won the small group division, denoted by enrollment of less than 10,000 students, for the second time.  Longtime Newswire Advisor John Stowell expressed: “I am so proud of these student journalists who received, for the second … Continue reading Newswire wins 10 OMNA awards

Staff predictions

Spencer De Tenley: “Hope we make the tourney”  Charlie Gstalder: “I predict the teams going to win 13 games in conference and qualify for the tournament as an 11th seed where they will lose in the second round” Chloe Salveson: “Uhh after we win the whole thing, the student section will flood the court and throw the basketball (rim? Backboard? Thingy?) into the Ohio River”  Ethan Nichols: “I fully expect Xavier to make it to final four this year. The era of Sean Miller has returned and merely being graced with his presence guarantees a win” Continue reading Staff predictions