Newswire wins 10 OMNA awards

Newswire celebrates winning its second ONMA title, thank you for reading

By Chloe Salveson, Print Managing Editor

Newswire was awarded the Frank E. Deaner Excellence in Collegiate Journalism Award for the second year in a row on March 31.

The Ohio News Media Association (OMNA) have awarded collegiate newspapers for journalistic prowess annually for the past 14 years based on student enrollment. Newswire has won the small group division, denoted by enrollment of less than 10,000 students, for the second time. 

Longtime Newswire Advisor John Stowell expressed: “I am so proud of these student journalists who received, for the second straight year, the recognition they have earned. To win the first time was an honor but to be named as the best by a team of professional journalists demonstrates we are producing a consistently superior product for our readers.”

Each collegiate division is subdivided into 10 categories. Newswire, in addition to the excellence title, has received nine awards in seven categories. These awards recognize outstanding collegiate journalism during the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Editor-in-Chief Mo Juenger, who was Print Managing Editor at the time, stated, “The opportunity for our staff to participate in this every year is always so gratifying, but especially so when they are honored for their hard work and dedication to journalism. ”

Stowell commented: “What’s especially gratifying is that our student journalists write for the love of it. We don’t have a journalism school here at Xavier, but the product our reporters and editors turn out each week is the best, regardless of the degree they’ll earn.”

“The writers, editors, managers and every member of Newswire staff have made us all proud. I’m honored to have been able to work with these students every week, and I know the skills they developed here will benefit them wherever their paths might lead. I hope these awards reaffirm that their efforts are meaningful, and that they are representing students in a significant way,” Juenger added.

This is the sixth year Newswire has submitted to the OMNA award contest. This is the first year Newswire’s multimedia division, composed of radio shows, student podcasts and comedic YouTube videos, has placed. 

“It was so cool to see that Kayla, Spencer and Lilly were recognized for their work on GB3. The girlbosses had a unique idea that was a lot of fun to listen to — and even more fun to help produce. They really showed what Newswire’s Multimedia Department is capable of,” Former Multimedia Managing Editor Hunter Ellis said. 

“When I became Multimedia Managing Editor, it was my goal to set up the infrastructure to show that our students could tell stories about what makes Xavier great, not through just words on in a paper, but other mediums like photos and podcasts as well. Desmond, Caroline and the Girlboss Cubed crew showed the ONMA judges exactly that,” Ellis continued.


1st Place – News Coverage by Former Editor-in-Chief Alex Budzynski

2nd Place – In-Depth Reporting by Former Sports Editor Joe Clark

3rd Place – Arts & Entertainment Writing by Print Managing Editor Chloe Salveson

2nd Place – Opinion Writing by Staff Writer Ivy Lewis

3rd Place – Opinion Writing by Former Back Page Editor Aidan Callahan 

1st Place – Photojournalism by Photography Editor Desmond Fischer 

2nd Place – Photojournalism by Staff Writer Caroline Steiger 

1st Place – Best Multimedia Package 

  • “Girlboss Cubed” by Kayla Ross, Spencer de Tenley and Lilly Cotton

2nd Place – Best Website by Online Editor Alyssa Sepulveda, with special thanks to Back Page Editor Kayla Ross