Opinion Statement: MMM for SGA

MMM: Moving Forward is the ticket running for Student Government Association Executive in the 2020 SGA Election on Oct. 28. This piece reflects the opinion of this ticket and why they believe students should vote them into office.

WRITTEN BY: Michaele Townsend, MaKayla Conners and Marina Salazar

Photo courtesy of mmm4sga on Instagram

The Xavier University community should vote MMM in today’s election because we are a group of students who are willing to go above and beyond to enact change on campus. 

In our current roles as the Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President, an SGA senator and an HOLA member, we have heard the wants and needs of students. Not only do we believe our platform caters to all students, but we are willing to continue to listen to students in order to better our campus. 

Michaele Townsend has constantly engaged in new experiences since her first year at Xavier. After participating in Muslim Student Association (MSA), club sports and SGA, Michaele believes she can continue to make connections with ALL students across campus. With Michaele’s outgoingness and willingness to serve others, we believe we can let every student have a seat at the table in hope that Xavier moves forward with no voices left behind. 

As a commuter student, MaKayla had a slow start at becoming engaged on campus. However, as she has gone through Xavier, she has become more and more involved. She started a Women Leadership program with Dr. Thomas Knestrict in the education department alongside Michaele. She has recently expanded her horizon by joining SGA as a senator. With her determination and passion for women’s leadership, MaKayla is excited to work alongside student leaders like Michaele and Marina to continue to move forward without leaving any voice behind. 

Marina has been involved at Xavier from day one. She has participated in Smooth Transitions, HOLA, Computer Science Club, the Community Engaged Fellowship, Alternative Breaks and as an Admissions Ambassador for Xavier’s Office of Admissions. She has made it her mission to get out of her comfort zone and be a voice for change within her community. With Marina’s passion and drive for change, we believe it will allow positive change to move Xavier in the right direction.

Combined with all three of our skills, passions and love for Xavier, we believe MMM, as the first all-women ticket, will be a great fit and voice for the Xavier University community.