Guide: County sheriff race

By Christo Fosse, Guest Writer

Sheriff Responsibilities: 

The Sheriff serves as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Hamilton County, oversees the county jail and provides services to the courts.


Bruce Hoffbauer (R): Hoffbauer is currently a retired police lieutenant with the Cincinnati Police Department. 

Charmaine McGuffey (D): McGuffey is a retired major with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and currently works as an independent consultant on issues related to criminal justice reform.  


How to improve public trust in law enforcement? 

Bruce Hoffbauer: He believes that law enforcement agencies must accept responsibility for “mistakes” and “missteps.” If an officer or department makes a mistake, he pledges to be transparent with the public. 

Charmaine McGuffey: McGuffey will place an emphasis on community policing and build dialogue between agencies and communities. She pledges to create a Community Liaison Unit that will improve transparency and communication with the public.  

Alternatives to Imprisonment? 

Bruce Hoffbauer: Hoffbauer praises the work of organizations, such as the Talbert House, which have assisted Hamilton County residents. However, he believes the State Legislature and Congress bear the responsibility of implementing criminal justice reform.  

Charmaine McGuffey: McGuffey will collaborate with mental health and social service professionals to develop alternatives to current policing methods. She will also “champion” alternatives, including electronic monitoring and no-cash bail for non-violent misdemeanor offenders.