The Lighter Side-10/29/20

Married North Carolina Democratic senatorial candidate Cal Cunningham was discovered to have sent illicit “sext” messages to a woman who was not his wife. “Starch your white shirt, and be ready to kiss a lot,” the woman wrote to Cunningham in one of the pair’s steamier exchanges (Oct. 8). 

U.S. officials have canceled plans to give “mall Santas” early COVID-19 vaccine trials in return for vaccine promotion (Oct. 25). 

An intoxicated Florida man stole a bulldozer from a construction site and proceeded to run through several fences with the machine, stealing citizens’ Biden 2020 signage (Oct. 25). 

North Dakota government officials announced that they intend to repurpose $16 million in COVID-19 relief funds for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking (Oct. 26).

Note of the Week:

“The Lighter Side” is a place for light news — things that lighten up a lot of the more difficult stories of the world each week. As World News Editor, I know that it is many readers’ favorite part of this page of the Newswire. I, too, love “The Lighter Side” because it is a distraction from the often sad news we sift through to make this page possible. 
This week, however, I invite you to think about “The Lighter Side” not as a distraction, but as a reminder: Vote. We don’t vote based on the news from “The Lighter Side,” but the news in the many thoughtful articles written by our staff each week. Educate yourself on the news, local and national, and vote to enact the change you want to see in the world. 

– Mo Juenger, 
World News Editor