Students speak on the issues

By Mo Juenger, World News Editor

Six days before the election, we asked Xavier students what they considered to be the most important issue in the 2020 election, both in local and national races. Answers ranged from the economy, anti-racism and COVID-19 responses. 

Jae Spain, first-year criminal justice major 

The most important issue to me (in) this election is the… Black Lives Matter movementand how (the candidates) are going to address police brutality and the uproar of inequality that is in society today.” 

Owen Talbott, junior health services administration major

“How the candidates will move forward with the COVID-19 pandemic. (I’m looking forward to) seeing the response in public health how things would change moving into 2021.”

Jack Burke, first-year business undecided major

“I just think we need a strong economy and to create jobs… We need to keep the economy open, but at the same time, the person who has the best plan to get through the pandemic is the one who everyone’s going to vote for.”

Ashley Findley, first-year Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

“I think that the economy is so important, especially in the COVID-19 climate that we’re in right now. So many people lost their jobs… beyond COVID-19, continuing toward high employment rates (matters).”

Kayla Ramirez, junior graphic design major

“The most important issue in this election to me is police brutality and systemic racism, I’d say, and how each candidate is going to make sure that we’re moving in a direction so that we’re reaching equality for all.”