Taking a look at fantasy football stars this year

Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson have been top fantasy players so far

By Carter Daniels, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
You’re probably in solid shape for your fantasy football season if you have Kyler Murray as your quarterback. Murray is averaging 30 points per game for fantasy teams this year, and he’s been great for Arizona so far.

Even with the absence of fans in most NFL stadiums, fantasy football is still happening and has provided fans with enjoyment every Sunday all season long. 

Since 1962, fantasy football has been an interactive and social entertainment for football fans to draft and control their own team of NFL players, acting like a general manager of their team. 

The cancellation of many NFL games due to COVID-19 cases has affected fantasy football. As managers, when a game is unexpectedly cancelled or postponed, they have a limited number of time to make changes. 

Along with COVID-19, another contributor to the tough fantasy year is the abnormal amount of injuries that have ended the season for many players and, in their absence, have hurt their team’s play. 

Like every year, there have been players who perform better than expected, and there are always players that underperform. 

Heading into week 10 of the NFL season, here are some of the sleepers and busts and who you should pick up on your team.

One of the best players in fantasy football this year has been Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Along with leading the Seahawks to a 6-2 record, Wilson has emerged as one of the mid-season favorites to win MVP. 

Another quarterback who has been performing exceptionally this year and has led his team to an unexpected record of 5-3 is Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals. Murray, the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year, is averaging about 30 fantasy points per game, which is the second highest among all players. 

Another player who has been playing exceptionally and producting high fantasy numbers is second year wide receiver DK Metcalf of the Seahawks. Metcalf has emerged as one of the best receivers this year, averaging 22 fantasy points per game. 

However, there have been plenty of players that have underperformed so far this year, due to COVID-19 testing, injuries or are simply just not having a good season.

For example, Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green was supposed to have a great year after finally being healthy after  recovering from his 2019 ankle injury that cost him all of last season. 

The seven-time Pro Bowl receiver was expected to have a career year, partially due to the addition of rookie quarterback Joe Burrow. 

However, Green has averaged only 7.8 fantasy points per week and hasn’t produced great numbers this year. 

There are some sleepers that are usually not on teams. Some of the sleepers that should be available to pick up for the rest of the season include Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Indinapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle and Bengals wide receiver John Ross, assuming he gets healthy as he’s missed time with injury.

Go out and win your league for bragging rights.