Taking a look at fantasy football stars this year

Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson have been top fantasy players so far By Carter Daniels, Staff Writer Even with the absence of fans in most NFL stadiums, fantasy football is still happening and has provided fans with enjoyment every Sunday all season long.  Since 1962, fantasy football has been an interactive and social entertainment for football fans to draft and control their own team of NFL players, acting like a general manager of their team.  The cancellation of many NFL games due to COVID-19 cases has affected fantasy football. As managers, when a game is unexpectedly cancelled or postponed, they … Continue reading Taking a look at fantasy football stars this year

The stray cats of Wayne Wilke

The Grass on an empty lot has a unique story to tell about the cats of XU written by: CARTER DANIELS, staff writer As you walk around the Xavier campus you might see stray cats following you or just doing their own thing.  The cats primarily hang out around the residential mall and the A.B. Cohen Center. You may wonder who these cats belong to and who takes care of the felines.  Wayne Wilke, who passed away on Apr. 30, 2017, was responsible for these cats. Along with the help of his assistants, Wilke cared for over 40 stray cats … Continue reading The stray cats of Wayne Wilke