The Lighter Side: 2/11/21

A prized Akaushi bull — whose meat is turned into high-quality Wagyu beef — is part of a spunky Super Bowl deal. Owners of the bull, named “Tom Brady,” promised free semen samples from the heifer if the Bucs won the big game (Feb. 5). 

A woman who checked out a library book from Carnegie Mellon University was shocked to find a small bag containing a live snake inside of the book (Feb. 5). 

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A Pennsylvania woman found a bagged snake inside of her library book. 

A California naval officer received an unusual gift this week: a wallet he lost 53 years ago while on duty in Antarctica (Feb. 5). 

The El Paso Zoo announced a virtual Valentine’s Day program in which you can name a cockroach after your ex and the zoo will feed it to one of their animals. The program is free, but donations are encouraged (Feb. 5). 

Pornography website Stripchat noted that the site’s viewership in Tampa spiked by 15% after the Bucs’ Super Bowl win on Sunday (Feb. 7). 

A Texas lawyer was forced to make an odd clarification after struggling to remove a Zoom filter from his screen during a court hearing. “I’m not a cat,” the lawyer told the judge (Feb. 9).  

A Greek man honored his late uncle’s love of heavy metal by turning his skeleton into a functioning electric guitar (Feb. 7). 

A digital photo gallery owner had portraits of a cow blocked by the Facebook ad algorithm on the basis that they were “overtly sexual.” Other photos that Facebook found “too sexy” include shots of a high-rise office building and a pond (Feb. 8). 

A 90-year-old Northern California man spent $10,000 in ad space in the Wall Street Journal to pen a complaint letter to AT&T, his internet and cellular provider (Feb. 9).

An eight-year-old listener accused NPR’s All Things Considered program of… not considering all things. “I never hear dinosaurs or things like that. Maybe you should call your show Newsy Things Considered, since I don’t get to hear about all the things,” the boy wrote to the show’s producers (Feb. 9). 

Canadian police are searching for a man who robbed a game store of all their Magic the Gathering cards while brandishing a large sword (Feb. 10). 

Activists are asking citizens to stop “milking” the Sonoran Desert toad, an endangered species which is often recognized for its hallucinogenic secretions (Feb. 10).

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Conservationists ask toad-lickers to stop milking hallucinogenic toads.