A change of heart

At this moment, I had decided to let go of my potential serialization of “The Abstractions.” The reason why is because I was influenced by a good friend on the importance of positivity, and the importance of easing the tensions of reality by focusing on the good and prosperous. I will, therefore, express this positivity, in regards to my kind, rather than express dry contempt and recycled critiques on societal dynamics and historical consequences. Those critiques, as bland and repetitive as they were, are based on my desire to see a better world. But I can’t expect this better world until I begin to expect the best of humanity. For me to ascribe one moral description to our kind (that description being evil) would be unjust and counterproductive in my goal to see this betterment.

This, however, does not mean that we will ignore the harms that the suppressors of freedom have committed against the common people. I will still write on their crimes and transgressions. But I will no longer continue to ignore their potential humanity, wherever that might be. I will hate them for what they’re upon and for their open disregard for freedom. They are still my enemies. And for me to kill and brutalize them for the subjugation of my fellow brothers and sisters is completely justified. But alas, in the end, they are not my teachers, and I am obligated to physically manifest my hatred toward them. I will slowly begin to open my heart towards them, within limits, of course. But at the same time, I will hate the oppressive structures they maintain and the evil they represent. 

I sincerely love humanity. And as I fight the oppressor with such unyielding hatred of them, I will pray for them and I hope to guide them away from their evil. I would also like to express this love to whoever is reading this piece, for you are also human, and thus deserving of that love. And all this love of humanity comes from a desire to live happily and lovingly with them.

I would like to look into the eyes of my fellow human beings and pour unto their heart the flame of endearment. The spark of friendship. The joy of laughter. And most importantly, the warmth of my spirit. I hope to befriend them with a genuine passion. I hope that we will be able to share with each other our fondness for humanity and culture and use that fondness for the good of mankind.     

There is no real point to this piece. As spacious and vacuous as this seems, I just felt it was necessary to turn back to the root of loving humanity for its best people rather than only hating it for its worst. People are capable of change and always will be. For me to say that the person who is an oppressor is inherently evil, does not make much sense. And when I say oppressor, I’m not simply referring to the capitalist and the imperialist. I’m also referring to those average people that have evil ascribed to them because of their harmful actions and hurtful words. Why should I attach evil as the sole essence of their being? The answer is, that I shouldn’t. Evil is not to humans as brightness is to the sun. Hurtful behavior is not to people, as having four sides is to a square. If this is the given reality, then I must apply this to the oppressors, since they are as well people. 

I raise this concern for myself because I’m inclined to believe that I’m beginning to hate the oppressors, more than I ought to love the people they oppress. Of course, that should not be the case for me. And that is not to say that I will hate the oppressors less. It is only that I must love the oppressed more. And I genuinely hope that this maturation of my worldview is not a temporary one. But one that lasts long and develops and continues to mature. I say, farewell to coldness and hello to warmth. And I pray that this maturation does not lead me astray from maintaining my values of solidarity and revolutionary action but strengthen them. I say, with much gusto, may goodness come to all, until death and beyond.