The Lighter Side

Moped wipeouts, bigfoot propaganda, Vasectomy Mayhem

NFL free agent and former Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster posted a video of himself doing some off-season training — by playing tug-of-war with a lion (March 3).

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JuJu Smith-Schuster celebrated the post-season by training with a lion.

Tech giant Sony filed for a patent that demonstrates how to turn a banana into a video game controller (March 4).

A U.K. man suffered a nine-day-long erection after a moped accident in what doctors called a “medical peculiarity” (March 4). 

Chipotle and cosmetics company e.l.f are teaming up to create a makeup set based on Tex-Mex ingredients like guacamole, rice and salsa (March 5).

In a horrifying Candyman-esque moment, 9 million viewers watched a young woman’s TikTok account of finding an empty apartment behind her bathroom mirror (March 5). 

In a misguided International Women’s Day message, fast-food chain Burger King took flak for a tweet reading, “Women belong in the kitchen.” The chain explained that they meant that they wanted to end the male-dominated restaurant economy and empower more women to become chefs (March 8).

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police pulled over two men on a riding mower, while police rode on horseback. The man operating the semi-vehicle was charged with impaired driving (March 9).

A conservative Canadian coalition denounced a Netflix show about a Bigfoot family who fights against an oil company. The war room claims the show depicts misinformation about how oil and gas companies interact with wildlife (March 12).

The NCAA filed a trademark complaint after a Virginia urology company used the term “Vasectomy Mayhem” in an ad. One Redditor commented on the story, encouraging the company to avoid a patent dispute by their vasectomy branding to “March Nadless” (March 13). 

Ireland residents enjoyed the country’s first ever walrus sighting after scientists presume the animal fell asleep on an iceberg which drifted across the Atlantic Ocean (March 14). 

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A walrus accidentally traveled to Ireland after falling asleep on a berg.

Siberian Star Wars fans built a full-sized replica of Mandalorian spaceship, the Razor Crest. The revamped ship, owned by the titular Din Djarin, weighs over a ton (March 14).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has formally changed his employment title to “Technoking of Tesla” and CFO Zach Kirkhorn’s title to “Master of Coin” (March 14).