The Lighter Side

Cheugy, cowboy council, classic Karens, the Bezos space race

Hallie Cain, the TikTok star who coined the insult “cheugy,” has expressed her regret for creating the term which reignited the war between Gen Z and millenials. Cain was later dismissed by fellow Zoomers as “cheugy” for liking the luxury activewear brand Lululemon (July 20).

A professor in Sydney, Australia was found guilty of sending herself threatening letters. According to the professor, her fake threats were an attempt to get herself fired from her $320,000-a-year position (July 22).

In a win for Karens everywhere, Florida homeowners told their gardener, who was attempting to save the life of a person dying on their lawn, to “have him die somewhere else” (July 22). 

While accompanying Jeff Bezos on a space flight, the world’s youngest space traveler informed Bezos that he had “actually never bought something from Amazon” (July 23). 

The world record for the longest ever cornhole game has been awarded to Nebraska players, who have beaten the previous record of 26 hours and 13 minutes. Surprising no one, the previous record was held by another Midwestern state, Iowa (July 23).

A Philadelphia man shot a New Yorker over football. The pair were standing outside a famous cheese steak restaurant during the heated argument (July 22).

A newly-opened Louisiana trailer park has an unusually specific clientele base: swingers. “Bring your house and share your spouse,” the park’s motto reads (July 26). 

A Houston city councilman complained during a meeting that the mayor refused to let him wear a $350 cowboy hat in his official city headshot. The councilmember called the refusal a violation of his “freedom of expression” (July 29).

A Fairfield University professor is suing both her university and a student after claiming that an administrator-led grade change was unfair and defamatory (July 30). 

Police in England responded to a call of a swan blocking traffic and promptly placed the swan “under arrest.” “One swan detained (put in the back of a police car) and taken to custody (the nearest water officers could find!)” a statement from the precinct said on social media (Aug. 4).