XU Students react to masks

By Emilie Kracik, Staff Writer

With classes commencing this week, we asked students their thoughts on returning to in-person classes and the updated university mask policy.

“I’m really happy Xavier is allowing us to be back in person, especially because some of my friends still have not been able to be back in person at their schools. I’m perfectly fine with wearing my mask if it allows me to be in the classroom. Having masks just being required indoors and being able to be outside feels like improvement.”

– Ditto Rajpal

Junior finance major

“I feel great that we are back on campus and have in-person classes. I’m enjoying seeing friends again, and I believe a real communal environment fosters better opportunities for everyone. I’m not opposed to wearing my mask, but at the same time, as a vaccinated individual, it feels like I’ve taken the steps necessary to not wear one. While transmission is still possible, it’s significantly lower.”

– Joe Knight

Senior life sciences for business major

“As a senior, I’m super excited to be in person in classes because it helps my learning and it’s great to finish my time learning with my fellow peers. I’m okay with wearing masks if it means we can be in person. As students, we pledge to be for and with others on campus, so I’m willing to do my part to get back to more normal times.”

– Becky Kron

Senior public relations and communications double major