The Lighter Side

Anime aficionado, worrying wedgies, ninjas

By Griffin Brammer, Staff Writer

American Ninja Warrior: A man in full ninja uniform wielding a katana attacked U.S. army soldiers in the California desert, causing 26 soldiers to seek shelter in a hangar (Oct. 1).

Florida Man’s rival: An Indonesian man married his automatic rice cooker. After four days, the couple separated because she “only knew how to cook rice” (Oct. 1).

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated in an interview that he has read through every volume of the Demon Slayer manga series and that he plans on increasing the income of the anime industry (Oct. 2).

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Kishida, the new Japanese prime minister, is a manga and anime fan.

A North Dakota man came home from vacation to discover local squirrels had stockpiled over 175 pounds of nuts in the hood of his Chevy (Oct. 4)

A woman from North Carolina was rushed to the hospital for a life-threatening case of sepsis. The cause: a wedgie from her denim shorts (Oct. 4).