The Lighter Side

Possom hostage crisis, Sophia Urine-ista

Sophia Urista, the frontwoman of punk band Brass Against, has left some critics pissed after urinating on a fan’s face during a show (Nov. 11).

Fossil fools: Climate campaigners noted that the COP26 climate change conference featured more delegates from the fossil fuel industry than from any country (Nov. 14).

A New Zealand woman was held “hostage” in her own home by a possum. According to police reports filed by the woman, ostensibly titled “Kiwi vs. Possum 2: Electric Boogaloo,” the possum would attack her every time she attempted to leave (Nov. 15).

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A woman was held hostage in her own home by a boop-able possum.

Armadillocalypse: North Carolina has been beset by a surge of armadillos. The armadillos, originally from South America, have continued to march northeast as they plot their Napoleonesque conquering of the U.S. (Nov. 15).