Photo Gallery: Scruggs (and Xavier) fall to Providence

Photos and Words By Desmond Fischer, PHotography Editor
Paul Scruggs warms up for Xavier vs. Providence match up. 
Down Odom (11) dunks to hype up the team before tip-off. 
Jack Nunge (24) embraces Jerome Hunter before he starts his first game with Xavier.
Cintas Center reverberates with sound as the ball is tipped-off.
Jack Nunge (24) attempts a three-point shot.
Head Coach Travis Steele watches the action as Xavier falls behind in the first half.
Paul Scruggs (1) celebrates during the game.
The Xavier bench comes to life as they narrow the gap to just six points heading into halftime. 
Paul Scruggs (1) threads the needle to Zach Freemantle, en route to three assists on the night.
Jack Nunge (24) makes contact with the head area of Providence’s Justin Minaya (15).
Paul Scruggs (1) makes a strong drive to the basket against the Providence defense.
Coby Jones drives to the basket on Justin Minaya (15). 
Zach Freemantle (32) makes a layup at the start of the second half as the Musketeers roar back to tie the game with six minutes left to play.
Paul Scruggs (1) makes a 3-point jumper over Nate Watson (0) as Xavier claims the lead with one minute remaining in the game. 
Paul Scruggs (1) looks stunned as Providence’s Jared Bynum drains a three with less than two seconds remaining to lead Providence to a 65-62 road win at Cintas Center.

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