SGA Updates 2/17/22

By Chloe Salveson, the Blobcast Show Manager
  • Sen. Shontelle Johnson, Committee Chair of the Students’ Rights Committee, aims to highlight the struggles students with disabilities face on campus. Johnson, alongside her committee, met with Director of the Community Building Institute Liz Blume regarding parking and walkway accessibility for students with disabilities, specifically during inclement weather and game days. Johnson noted the need for signage toward accessible parking spaces, the need for clearer pathways from the handicapped parking spots to the buildings and the possibility of utilizing the Norwood Plaza parking lots as opposed to removing residents from their parking spaces. 
  • Johnson has also reached out to Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Ivy Banks and the Black Care Club leaders in efforts to be representative of all students on campus and support marginalized communities. She is interested in gathering student voices in order to develop plans that SGA can implement. 
  • Sen. Nick Jebsen will be meeting with Director of Auxiliary Services Bill Moran soon to discuss the feasibility of putting printers in residential buildings, specifically Justice Hall. 
  • Sen. Ethan Brosnan and the Student Organizations Committee are currently working on the budget allocation spreadsheets, forms and rubrics to prepare for the upcoming clubs and organizations student activity fee budgeting process. 
  • San. Diego Pulido met with Director of Territory Management Lindsey Steller regarding SGA visibility in Undergraduate Admissions for prospective students. Steller approved the pursuit of better promotion of major clubs at Xavier. Pulido will begin working with the marketing team on creating SGA brochures soon, as well as engaging with other clubs and organizations on what they would want to advertise.