Lo-fi hymns to study/relax to

By Emily Croft, Staff Writer

Based on the title of this article, I know what you’re thinking. Christian music? Like hymns and stuff? The answer to that is yes and no. Christian music is the kind of genre that can come off strong but is rich in its lyrics and meaning. 

Here are my top bands within the genre that I think offer a balanced mixture of modern, quality songs for those who are interested in diving into the religious music world. 

Maverick City Music 

Maverick City Music is probably one of the most popular Christian bands on the rise. Their music offers a great mixture of live worship while also being upbeat and modern. I will give a heads up and say that a lot of their songs are longer in duration because of the worship aspect. 

My favorite song of theirs is entitled “Isaiah Song,” with lyrics that really touch on the way God is able to provide.Their most popular songs are “Jireh” and ‘“Rest on Us.” They recently had a concert in Cincinnati and are known for playing at Christian conventions. Maverick City is great because they have a lot of different voices and artists collaborating to make really moving music. 

Chris Renzema 

Chris Renzema is a genius when it comes to the writing and production of Christian music. I’m sure if you’ve listened to his most famous song, “Springtime,” you understand why. Even his lesser-known “How To Be Yours” sounds like a love song rather than a specifically Christian song, which is sometimes the point. 

A song doesn’t have to be explicitly Christian to be a good Christian song, and I think it’s cool when I can listen to worship music that sounds like my other music, too. Renzema encapsulates the depth of eternal life in Heaven with powerful orchestral and piano sounds intertwining to create memorable melodies. 

Cory Asbury 

“Reckless Love” is the song that Asbury is most known for, and it wrecked my world when I first heard it. It was the first song I ever truly learned as a Christian that wasn’t a hymn from Sunday School. 

The song focuses on the unconditional and abundant love that God has and gives. Cory Asbury is also a member of the popular band Bethel Music, which I also highly recommend. 

If I had more space in this article, I’d talk about Bethel Music and their amazing song “Goodness of God,” but just trust me and go give it a listen. 

Elevation Worship 

Elevation Worship is similar to Maverick City Music, but they have their own sounds and are best known for their song “Come To the Altar.” I would say my favorite thing about Elevation Worship and larger worship choirs on Spotify is when they use their talent for collaboration with others. 

Elevation Worship collaborated with Maverick City Music back in 2021 to create the album , which is easily one of my favorite albums. They also publish a lot of their recordings from their live performances, which adds a sense of presence and excitement. 

Christian music is powerful in its meaning and can be encouraging when we get caught up in the world and everything it has to offer. I definitely encourage you all to give it a try and listen.