New Bridgerton romances viewers

Eldest Bridgerton brother shines bright in new season of hit Netflix show

By Olivia Valkner, Staff Writer


The Netflix original series Bridgerton just released its second season on March 25, and dearest reader, after giving the public enough time to watch it, this author has quite the opinion of it.

While I have my qualms with the historical inaccuracy of the costume choices –– and the strange inclusion of instrumental pop songs throughout the show –– the story truly makes up for it all. 

This season follows the romantic interests of the eldest Bridgerton son Anthony, viscount and heir to the Bridgerton estate, and his quest to find a wife this social season. 

He quickly finds himself torn between his societal expectation to marry well and his deepest, most lustful desires.

His gentlemanly side quickly wants to call on Miss Edwina Sharma, Queen Charlotte’s diamond of the season. He also harbors a passionate desire and clear chemistry with her older sister Kate.

With the progression of his story as well as that of the other supporting characters, the season did not disappoint. 

When it comes to Anthony, I loved the exploration of his past and his young and abrupt assumption of his role as Lord Bridgerton. Since he and Kate both come from damaged pasts, they see it as their duty to ensure security for their family as their number one priority. This both complicates their relationship but also makes it that much stronger. They fight against their passion and desire for one another until they simply cannot anymore –– despite their duty and the plans made for themselves. 

I continue to adore the side stories that are explored in addition to the main plot. For example, Eloise Bridgeton explores her life as an independent woman trying to find exactly how she fits into high society, to which she is strongly opposed.

Additionally, her best friend Penelope Featherington had some close calls herself and many developments as a character. 

I really appreciated the in-depth depiction of how Penelope continues to publish her gossip column. She is an inherently selfish character and keeps the earnings to herself while knowing her family is in a financial crisis. She also  hides her success from her friends and family. I adored the way in which her story intertwined with everyone’s romantic endeavors. It is truly fascinating, and I am both excited and nervous for her as the seasons continue and stories progress.

I appreciated that Daphne was included and played a notable role this season. The advice and encouragement that she offers her brother Anthony shows her wisdom and grace. With the departure of the Duke, I was intrigued to see how this would affect her character arc. While it is disappointing that her husband did not make an appearance this season, I think that Daphne got to shine more as an individual. I have more of an understanding of who she is through her involvement in the show without the presence of her love interest. 

While the plot of the show is very predictable, this author loved the good, slow burn this season. While I know not everyone agreed, I found there to be satisfying resolution of greatly-anticipated sexual chemistry. 

I am very excited for the future of the show as we get to follow the viscount and his viscountess and, of course, the pending nuptials in the Bridgerton family’s future. The Netflix original has been confirmed for two more seasons, and I am so excited to see where it takes the Bridgerton family.

RATING: 4/5 stars