Cincinnatians rally for gun restrictions

BY Kayla Ross, Back page editor
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On June 11, people from all across Ohio rallied together against gun violence on the steps of City Hall in downtown Cincinnati. 

Crowds of people of all ages gathered to make statements encouraging stricter gun laws, including bans on certain types of guns, more thorough background checks for purchasers of guns and an increase in the current age requirements to purchase guns. 

Displays of protest were organized by March For Our Lives and Students For Gun Legislation. Each of these organizations work to organize protests and the distribution of information about gun violence and gun control possibilities in the U.S.

March For Our Lives was founded in 2018 by students, family members of victims and teachers after the Parkland High School shooting that occurred in Florida. Students For Gun Legislation, founded by Cincinnati resident and current Xavier student Ethan Nichols, works to educate all audiences about the importance of understanding gun violence, as well as the importance of persuading lawmakers to make changes against potential future gun-caused safety incidents. 

In light of the recent deaths in Uvalde, the largest school shooting in 10 years, the organizations moved to make a call for action in downtown Cincinnati. 

The event featured many speakers and showcased various expressions of art. Many participants demonstrated their feelings about gun violence and recent shootings through signage carried through the crowds, while one participant demonstrated his feelings through song. 

Some of the speakers were local politicians, such as Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Kearney while others were current teachers, activists and family members of victims of past school shootings. 

The speakers shared the impact gun violence had on their lives, including the heartbreak and trauma of losing loved ones. Abbie Guttenberg Youkilis, after losing a family member in the Parkland High School shooting of 2018, was in attendance and spoke against gun violence. 

March For Our Lives and Students For Gun Legislation continue to work together to lobby for changes in gun legislation after their demonstration of protest in Cincinnati.