Gallagher Student Center swaps sushi for subs

By Jackson Hare, Education and Enrichment Coordinator

Jersey Mike’s will soon be replacing Fujisan in Gallagher Student Center as the fall semester rolls around.

Since the start of the semester, Xavier students have speculated when the sub shop is expected to open, with only a vague “Coming Soon Fall 2022” banner hanging in front. 

However, Senior Director of Auxiliary Services Bill Moran was able to offer more details, suggesting students may be able to chow down on some fresh subs as soon as fall break, Oct. 6 and 7.

“There are a few obstacles that could get in the way, such as construction items that could take a little longer than expected, staffing or training issues that may come up, but we know what they all are, and we are trying to avoid them, so we are pretty comfortable opening right around fall break,” explained Moran.

Newswire photo by Lilly Cotton
Gallagher Student Center is trading sushi for sandwiches as Jersey Mike’s is the newest dining option to grace Xavier’s campus.

Jersey Mike’s will be available on the Mobile Order app along with Burger 513, Victory Perk and Melt Lab, meaning that students will be able to order their favorite subs, hot or cold, ready for pickup. 

While the hours of operation are still yet to be solidified, Moran envisions Jersey Mike’s hours to be similar to those of Currito. 

“We are hoping that this is something that can fill the later-night void to bring a little life into the Gallagher Center at night,” Moran said. Although, he suspects that may be difficult. 

“Staffing is going to be a challenge, so we may have to build up to that,” Moran acknowledged.  

Despite the lack of a definitive opening date, many students have expressed their excitement for a new food option on campus. 

“I’m very excited that Jersey Mike’s is coming to campus. Their focus on freshness is the reason why they are ‘A Sub Above’. They bake bread daily, slice meats and cheese in front of you and get their produce from local farms,” sophomore psychology major Anna La Forest exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Xavier’s sushi fans sulk over the loss of Fujisan, including junior Digital Innovation in Film and Television student Nick Namyar.

“As a commuter student, Fujisan was an inexpensive and healthy option for me, and I enjoyed quickly grabbing some sushi or spring rolls in between classes,” Namyar said.

Furthermore, he ideates that Fujisan brought more diversity to the dining options on campus.

“I do think Fujisan was a unique option for Xavier. It is important to have multicultural food options on or near campus, and I hope Xavier brings back something similar in the future,” Namyar added.

Despite the sorrow felt by some at the loss of Fujisan, Moran explained it was no longer as successful than when it first came to campus in Fall 2020. 

“Fujisan started to go down, seemingly in importance and in sales, so we made the decision that we didn’t want to go down that path for a third year and get a better offering there,” Moran said.

While there are some mixed opinions regarding its arrival, the decision to add Jersey Mike’s is based on the results of a survey conducted last spring. 

“There were about 12 or 15 categories of food on there, and when we tallied the results, the runaway winner by far was ‘American/sandwich platforms,” Moran reported. 

“Jersey Mikes just seemed to be a cut above the others in terms of the quality. We also found out that they are pretty significant contributors in the communities that they are in, and we thought that lined up with our mission, so it seemed to be a good brand to begin a partnership with.”