Opinion: Swift and Alwyn were not “The 1”

By Kayla Ross, Back Page Editor

It’s officially unofficial: Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift have broken up. People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and CNN have all confirmed the split, saying that a source close to both parties reported that the two were no longer “the right fit.” 

Reportedly, this is not the first time the two have broken up, but this event seems to have more permanence than the previous hiccups in their relationship. After rumors of the two being engaged or even married after the “willow” music video, released in Swift’s evermore era, featured Swift wearing a dress resembling a wedding gown, this breakup came as a shock to most fans. 

This breakup may have been most surprising because of the more mature lyrics featured in Lover like, “I’ve loved you three summers now honey / I want them all.” Many Swifties don’t want to believe that the pair have split because neither the British actor nor the pop icon have confirmed the news, but Swift has not confirmed a breakup directly since her Fearless days. In the song “Paris” from her newest album, Midnights, Swift sings, “Romance is not dead if you keep it just yours/ Levitate above all the messes made,” meaning we will likely not be getting confirmation about their reported split.

 Although Swift does not confirm her breakups directly, she has consistently confirmed them indirectly throughout all her eras. Last Monday, Swift was seen at dinner in New York City with Jack Antonoff and his fiancé just a few blocks away from the famed Cornelia Street. Swift was seen in a low cut black top, a $700 pair of rhinestone embroidered butterfly jeans and a signature red lip. Swift is very rarely spotted by paparazzi in a planned, public, outfitted way. Similar events have occurred after her breakups with many of her past paramours. 

Photo courtesy of photos.wikimedia.org
Photo courtesy of photos.wikimedia.org

In addition to Swift sticking to tradition by letting the press know that she is alive and well, Eras Tour goers were alerted to the possibility of a breakup after Swift removed the song “invisible string” from her setlist and replaced it with “the 1.” Both of these songs come from the album folklore, but “the 1” features lyrics about someone thinking a relationship was forever and not working out: “And if my wishes came true / It would’ve been you / in my defense, I have none / For never leaving well enough alone.” 

In addition to this setlist change, on March 31, Swift appeared to be crying during a performance of “champagne problems,” a song she famously wrote during quarantine with her alleged ex-lover. The lyrics of this song also create an understanding of why this relationship may have ended treacherously: “I never was ready so I watch you go / Sometimes you just don’t know the answer / ‘Til someone’s on their knees and asks you / She would’ve made such a lovely bride / What a shame she’s f*cked in the head.” 

Swift has been letting us know for years that she isn’t meant to stay in relationships for too long, but it’s not her fault. Most men can’t handle being the lesser person when they’re dating one of the richest and most successful women of all time. Swift let us know that on the album folklore time and time again, with lyrics like “No one’s a mad woman, you made her like that.” 

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are never, ever ever getting back together. The power of Taylor Swift’s mind and success cannot be properly handled by just one man or contained by a relationship, and ultimately, the insecurity of men will continue to cause Swift’s relationships to fail.