Front: Xavier Welcomes New Deans This Fall

Two of several new deans express enthusiasm for engaging with students in new roles

Marty Dubecky, Multimedia Managing Editor

Over the summer, Xavier hired several new and familiar faces to become deans of their respective colleges. Among them are longtime Xavier English professor Dr. Stephen Yandell and new hire Dr. Marco Pagani.

Yandell, who is one of the new associate deans of the College of Arts and Sciences,  has 20 years of experience at Xavier. He is serving alongside Dr. Timothy Brownlee and Dr. Dena Morton. 

“If the first eight weeks on the job as associate dean is any indication, I expect to keep learning new things at a phenomenal rate, processing it all quickly and then plugging that information into each new situation that comes up,” Yandell said.

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Dr. Stephen Yandell, Xavier English Professor, takes on new role as associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Yandell spoke to his plans and aspirations for the upcoming years as associate dean, specifically regarding  the power a liberal arts education can have on a student and its life-changing effects. He also touched on his role as a pursuit for inclusion.

“I am especially interested in reimagining the ways in which the College of Arts and Sciences offers a space of radical inclusion — for our core, for our students, for our staff and faculty,” Yandell said.

Junior Politics, Philosophy and the Public (PPP) major Alyssa Blandford expressed her thoughts on Yandell and his new position: “As a PPP and history major, I’m excited to have someone talented and passionate about the college stepping into this role.”

Pagani is the new dean of the Williams College of Business. New to both the position and Xavier, Pagani shares Yandell’s enthusiasm for Xavier education.

“I am excited about creating opportunities for our faculty and staff to deploy all their knowledge, dedication and potential to further improve the learning experience for our students,” Pagani stated. 

“I can confirm that the enthusiasm and commitment of my colleagues is very strong and will be the determinant of all the successes we are going to achieve,” he continued.

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Dr. Marco Pagani, who previously worked at San Jose State University, is Xavier’s newest dean of the Williams College of Business

Pagani previously served as the director of the Center for Banking and Financial Services at San José State University in California. His interest in Xavier was piqued after researching student-managed equity funds and coming across the Williams College of Business’s (WBC) D’Artagnan Capital Fund.

“A few months ago, when I learned that the Williams College of Business was recruiting its next dean, it became very natural for me to apply for the position,” Pagani said.

Senior business analytics and marketing double major and president of Delta Sigma Pi Theta Chapter, Avery Strychasz said, “Through my four years at Xavier as a business student,  the Williams College of Business has been my home.” 

“I am excited and very confident that Dean Pagani will not only find a loving business community at Xavier, but also will be able to expand upon it — leaving a positive impact not only at Xavier but the Cincinnati business community,” Strychasz elaborated.

Both Pagani and Yandell expressed their gratitude for being able to serve as deans at Xavier. 

They both mentioned the tremendous store of knowledge professors and faculty members have and how much each one wishes to share that information and knowledge with the students. Yandell and Pagani also wish to engage with their students.

“I am a very easy-going person, and the students should feel comfortable approaching me when they see me around the college or at events,” Pagani stated.

“I am a huge soccer fan, and if you are a supporter of my home team, A.C. Milan, we are going to get along very well,” he continued.

Yandell wishes for students to know, “I just added lights to the Rivendell Lego set sitting on my shelf, so stop by and check it out.”