Photo-op: XU Students Celebrate SGA Boat Dance

By Cassandra Hoffman, Guest Writer

This past Friday, the Student Activities Council (SAC) hosted its annual Boat Dance, providing an excellent excuse for Xavier students to dress in their semi-formal Sunday best, eat dinner and dance aboard a boat provided by BB Riverboats against the backdrop of Cincinnati’s historic skyline.

On the bus ride to the dance, students bubbled like children on a field trip. Once everyone piled onto the boat, many waited eagerly for food on balconies. Passing under John A. Roebling’s prototype for Brooklyn’s famous bridge, Boat Dance attendees excitedly waved to people on evening walks. Crowded into the sweaty, open-air third floor, it was impossible to ignore the majesty of Cincinnati. 

On the ride back to campus, it was calm as everyone, satisfied and a little bit sore, talked about their night and thought about coming back again next year.

Newswire Photo by Cassandra Hofman

“The best events are the ones where you can both relax by the water and dance the night away on the dance floor,” sophomore Alexx Lujan said.

Newswire Photo by Cassandra Hoffman

“Waiting for the food line gets you fresh mashed potatoes. I would rate (them) a 10 out of 10! And the ranch was, like, amazing. I would drink an entire cup of it,” sophomore Paige Pyka said.

Newswire Photo by Cassandra Hoffman

“I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing good!” senior Mackenzie Robinson said.

Newswire Photo by Cassandra Hoffman

“It’s my last year, I’m (going to) make it a good one!” senior Raquelia Ramlogan said.