The Lighter Side

By Gavin Steele, Guest Writer

  • A Florida man was arrested by the Coast Guard for attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a homemade vessel that resembled a human-powered hamster wheel. In 2014, the same man was found off the coast of Florida in an inflatable bubble attempting to run around the Bermuda Triangle (Sept. 7).
  • Authorities in China arrested two individuals for smashing a path through a section of the Great Wall of China in the Shanxi Province after the pair alleged they wanted a shorter route for construction work. It remains to be seen who will join the likes of Genghis Khan, the Manchus and these construction workers in piercing the wall next (Sept. 8).
  • A Nebraska man was pulled over for bucking the law after having a giant bull named Howdy Doody riding with him in his modified vehicle (Sept. 1).
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