Flock to Birdie’s for Quality Coffee

By Owen Miguel, Guest Writer

I believe it’s safe to say that if you are a Xavier student and want coffee, there really are only three options: Starbucks, Victory Perk or the Hoff Dining Commons. 

All these options have their merits and faults, and while everyone has their favorite, these few options can get dull after a while. Luckily, there’s a new coffee house in Norwood to help boost your mornings. 

Birdie’s Coffee Co. opened up on Oct. 7 on the corner of Williams Ave. and Forest Ave. and might just be the new hot spot for students and Norwood residents alike. 

Newswire photo courtesy of Owen Miguel

Before you even walk in, you are greeted by a building that doesn’t try too hard to stand out, but still makes you feel welcome and relaxed. It’s classic in every sense of the word. Inside, you’re greeted by a sleek countertop showcasing their bagels, pastries and coffee machines. The dining area features a modern interior design style including beautiful artwork, diverse seating and tables and gorgeous leaves hanging from the ceiling. 

They also have a pretty patio section on the second floor that overlooks Norwood’s breathtaking autumn landscape. The patio is perfect for photoshoots and feeling like you’re a main character in a town that just doesn’t understand you. 

In terms of appearance and overall vibe, Birdie’s is the spot to take your friends and relax, but also the spot to sit down and get work done before the day starts.

Newswire photo courtesy of Owen Miguel

However, none of the things I just said matter if the coffee and food aren’t good.

Birdie’s has a wide selection of different coffee styles and flavors and their pastry and bagel selection were diverse too, although I wish there were more cream cheese options. 

I got their iced caramel macchiato and a plain bagel with cream cheese, which totaled $10.47. The macchiato was just what I expected. The caramel and cream were delicious, and the coffee itself was high quality. The bagel was pretty good too and was toasted the right amount. The cream cheese was very delicious. 

I will say that the prices are a tad high, even though the quality of the items are good. This is definitely not a place to go if you are trying to budget. It is also about a 25 to 30 minute walk from campus, which is a bit out of the way unless you have a car.

Even though the look and feel of the shop are great, these qualities make it hard for me to recommend to students who don’t have the means or budget. 

However, if neither of these factors are a problem for you, I would have to recommend, and give Birdie’s my seal of approval.