Campus Dining Review: Best Food on the Menu

By Joseph Nichols, Staff Writer

One of the most common complaints raised at Xavier is the lack of on-campus dining. In my humble opinion, the amount of options is fine, you just have to know which meals are the most cost-effective and when to strike.

Newswire photo courtesy of Joseph Nichols

Burger 513: Caesar Wrap

After pumping iron at the Health United Building (HUB) from open to close, sometimes I feel a little rumbly in the tummy. For this, the Caesar wrap is essential. The TikTok girlies were right: Caesar wraps are good, and at only $7, they are one of the most inexpensive meals on campus.

The cost-effective nature of the Caesar wrap combined with how quickly they are prepared helps its case for potentially the best all-around meal on campus. The choice of grilled or fried chicken in the wrap gives it a level of variability, but those house-made croutons hit the spot no matter how the chicken is prepared. Additionally, if you put an order when Yonas Semere is working, he will absolutely load you up with a wrap fit for a king.

Currito: Bangkok Bowl with Protein of Choice

Yes, yes, yes. Something about the Bangkok Bowl reminds me of The Hangover trilogy, and I don’t know why. I’d highly recommend the chicken for protein, and paired with the cilantro lime rice, slivered almonds and peanut sauce, you are left with a beautiful, nutty creation. Heed my warning, though. At $12, Bangkok bowls are the most boom or bust option. It is more expensive compared to the other three alternatives on this list, but it has such an immense upside. 

The entire meal is dependent on when you go. After a basketball game is an absolute no-go. Aside from the line outside Currito rivaling the Great Wall of China, you’ll most likely receive small portions not worth the $12 price tag. Weekdays a little bit before dinner is the best time to go; the workers will typically give you unparalleled portions that make for an extraordinarily filling meal on campus.

Jersey Mikes: Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak

You can’t go wrong with da’ Mike’s, as I like to say. The chipotle chicken cheese steak is a certifiable classic, but do be warned that the hot subs take a few minutes longer. If you are in the dinner rush, a cold sub is vital to getting in and out quickly.

At around $8-$15 depending on the sub size, Jersey Mike’s does lean a bit into the more expensive food range when compared to other on-campus dining options, but the subs are solid nonetheless.

Absurd Bird Ghost Kitchen: Fried Chicken Sandwich with Comeback Sauce

Absurd Bird is criminally underrated on campus. Although the Mr. Beast Burger has yet to make an appearance, the ghost kitchen gets props for its late hours. Say you’re coming back from a Friday adventure and you’ve got the hungies. Pop in an order on the mobile app and pick it up in just a few minutes. With the ghost kitchen closing at 2 a.m., Absurd Bird is absolutely prime in the wee hours of the morning.

The fried chicken sandwich is on par with Chick-fil-a and the Comeback sauce rivals Cane’s sauce. Yes, you heard me right. I don’t know what Walter White at Absurd Bird concocted with this savory sauce, but it is the bomb. At $6, the fried chicken sandwich is by far the safest bet, and the $1 for comeback sauce is worth every penny.

Photo courtesy of @xavierdining via Instagram