Dear Reader,

I thank you for doing the hard work of being yourself. Things don’t just happen. Everything finds its purpose and small actions bring big results.  To those who fight for others.                                     Freedom is not an Accident.  To the widow whose child weeps  as she holds back…     Freedom is not an Accident.  To those who speak up. Bravery is not an Accident.  To atlas who grabs and axis and  all those who help…    Bravery is not an Accident.  To those who are truly themselves                                     Equality is not an Accident.  To the woman who has had to  fight all her … Continue reading Dear Reader,

Musketeer’s First Class

Cafeteria coffee in hand, Mark made his way towards his first college class. The mostly empty cafeteria and nearly deserted yard confirmed the fact that most Xavier students avoided eight am classes. Gallagher’s clocktower read seven fifty-plenty of time to get to Alter’s basement. What class was this again? Oh right: math, yuck. As if he wasn’t already nervous enough about starting college, he had to start off with his least favorite subject. He took another sip of coffee and; “On your left!” he nearly choked on it as he scrambled out of a Lime scooter’s path. Good grief, she’s … Continue reading Musketeer’s First Class