Weezer’s newest addition is a seed, not a flower

By Derek Swartzlander, Staff Writer Weezer has been on a roll. Spearheaded by the relentless creativity of frontman and songwriter Rivers Cuomo, the band released the fantastic orchestral album OK Human in January 2021. Just five months later, they released Van Weezer,a mediocre love letter to heavy metal, and participated in 2021’s Hella Mega Tour where they played across America with co-headliners Fall Out Boy and Green Day. Weezer’s prolificity has continued into 2022 with their “SZNZ” project, in which an EP will be released on the first day of every season with each EP representing the mood of each season. SZNZ: Spring is … Continue reading Weezer’s newest addition is a seed, not a flower

Star-studded album mesmerizes listeners

By: Emily Croft, Staff Writer Justin Bieber released his new album Justice on March 19, and every Belieber is trembling because of its packed lineup. From top-notch artist features to inspiring lyrics, Bieber does not disappoint.  The first notable song is “Peaches,” which features Daniel Caesar and Giveon. The song is about the love Bieber has for his wife Hailey and has been ranked the top song in the nation for two weeks in a row. With its upbeat tone and catchy chorus, “Peaches” is the perfect song for summer. While it may not be a song I want to sing … Continue reading Star-studded album mesmerizes listeners

New Wheezer album proves to be more than just “OK”

By: Sebastian Aguilar, Staff writer OK Human, the 14th album by ‘90s rock band Weezer was released on Jan. 29, and it’s a big departure from the band’s usual alternative rock, pop and sometimes emo sounds.  Weezer is known for witty lyrics that reference plenty of pop culture, and this album’s name pays homage to Radiohead’s album OK Computer. The 12-song album also employs a 38-piece orchestra, which pairs well with the emotional and introspective lyrics from Rivers Cuomo.  The first song and lead single “All My Favorite Songs” is a brutal self-reflection by lead singer Rivers Cuomo where he … Continue reading New Wheezer album proves to be more than just “OK”