Star-studded album mesmerizes listeners

By: Emily Croft, Staff Writer

Justin Bieber released his new album Justice on March 19, and every Belieber is trembling because of its packed lineup. From top-notch artist features to inspiring lyrics, Bieber does not disappoint. 

The first notable song is “Peaches,” which features Daniel Caesar and Giveon. The song is about the love Bieber has for his wife Hailey and has been ranked the top song in the nation for two weeks in a row. With its upbeat tone and catchy chorus, “Peaches” is the perfect song for summer. While it may not be a song I want to sing at the top of my lungs, it is the ideal  “roll my windows down and cruise” kind of song. 

The belt-worthy track on this album is “As I Am” with a special feature from Khalid. The song is about accepting people as they are, even when they’re in their darkest valleys. The harmony in the middle of the song between Khalid and Bieber brings an indescribable amount of serotonin to my body. I could probably scream this song in my car for the whole summer and not get tired of it. 

Another hit from the album is “Hold On,” a song that Bieber wrote to his fans about not giving up, even when times get tough. This song is powerful on a lyrical level. It’s important to talk about mental health, and it’s inspirational to see Bieber writing about what it’s like to be in a bad place and make mistakes. 

Chance the Rapper joins the featured artists list in Bieber’s song “Holy.” which was previously released as a single. The song embodies the album as a whole, as he alludes to Christianity and his faith in his lyrics. A Christian himself, Chance the Rapper’s verses  reemphasize the message of faith and hope. If TikTok hasn’t gotten this song stuck in your head already, be prepared to hum the chorus all day. 

“Anyone” is the song on the album you definitely shouldn’t listen to if you still have feelings for your ex. Bieber repeats the line “if it’s not you, it’s not anyone,” and that can really hit home if you have a special love for someone. It’s a great song for late-night sob sessions (and I’m totally not speaking from experience). 

Justice has a lot of hits, but there are also some underappreciated underdog songs. “Die For You” featuring Dominic Fike is one of these buried treasures of a song that hasn’t risen to the top of the charts. 

The whole album is so good that I will probably listen to it on repeat for all of finals week. For Beliebers and non-Beliebers alike, this album has something for you. I am ready to fall in love with it all summer.  10/10

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons