Hydrangea Benison

By: Alex Spindler ~Arts and Entertainment Editor~ Xavier Newswire: Who are the members of your band? How did you all start?   Ryan O’Toole: Basically it started with us saying: who wants to be in a band? It was like hey, I wrote an album. Now I need to pick people who can help me make that album. I picked a band with friends that I’ve known for a long time, that I went to high school with. Danny is a majestic creature. He is my partner-in-crime and helps me write a lot of the music. There was a group … Continue reading Hydrangea Benison

‘Midsummer’ marvels like none other

By: Alex Spindler ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~ A gaggle of medically-induced lovers, an aptly-named thespian who acts like an ass and a copious amount of conjuring make up the wonder that is the Xavier University Department of Music and Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s classic “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” This raucous production, directed by Jeremy Dubin of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, combines modern adaptation with enthusiastic performances to create the finest production yet staged by the department. Set in an enchanted forest just outside of Athens, “Midsummer” contains multiple plot points that seamlessly overlap, due in large part to Dubin’s direction … Continue reading ‘Midsummer’ marvels like none other

“Black Fly” soars beyond setbacks

By: Alex Spindler ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~ The regional premiere of Nick Gandiello’s modern drama “Black Fly Spring” made its home debut at the Gallagher Student Center Theatre to an audience that was both enthusiastic and intrigued. Set on a mountaintop resort in the Adirondacks, “Black Fly Spring” finds the dysfunctional couple of Lana (played by junior and Newswire Opinions and Editorials Editor Tatum Hunter) and George (played by sophomore Mac Blais) trying to relax and plan a memorial for Lana’s late sister, Sarah. Working with Sarah’s most acclaimed, international photos, Lana and George struggle to combat the demons of … Continue reading “Black Fly” soars beyond setbacks