Graphic novels merit greater respect

By: Katelyn Summers I’ve heard the same statement a thousand times. Most people don’t even mean it in a condescending fashion when they say it but it always sounds the same. “Well, Katelyn, comic books aren’t real books.” I have loved comics for many years now. They have been an important part in my life as well as an important part of my education. The fact that I, and most other comic book fans, must defend the merit of comic books in today’s society is rather ridiculous. I personally believe that one day comic books and graphic novels will be … Continue reading Graphic novels merit greater respect

Xavier Players’ “Toolbox” brings laughter to audiences

By: Joshua Stahl Xavier Players received much laughter and applause as they performed “Toolbox,” the club’s improvised comedy show. Twelve members of the club took the floor in the Gallagher Student Center Studio Theatre this past weekend. The foundation for “Toolbox” is audience participation. The actors would often refer to the crowd for inspiration about which locations, objects and situations they should bring to life during the show. This seemed not only to cater to the wants of the audience, but also provided the improvised nature of the show. The show was comprised of several “games” the actors would play … Continue reading Xavier Players’ “Toolbox” brings laughter to audiences

Cincinnati Fall Theater

By: Patrick E. Phillips While New York and Chicago may be the first cities to come to mind when one talks about bigname theater, Cincinnati has its fair share of highclass theater companies that produce spectacular productions every year. This fall, theater companies across the city have plenty of exceptional theater coming your way, and you shouldn’t miss out on any of it.  Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park is the largest and most well-known professional theater house in Cincinnati. The company received the Regional Theatre Tony Award in 2004 and the Tony Award for Best … Continue reading Cincinnati Fall Theater