Staff Editorial: “Xavier bubble” inflates

Last year, students protested the construction of a fence around the campus basketball courts, arguing that the fence was a symbol of Xavier’s failure to live in solidarity and community with the surrounding neighborhoods. This past summer, another wall was built between Xavier and the Norwood community. Although the University Station complex does not serve as a physical barrier, it is a towering emblem of Xavier’s continued withdrawal from the community of which it claims to be a part. As the apartments are not owned by the university, they offer the ease of campus housing without the bothersome boundaries and … Continue reading Staff Editorial: “Xavier bubble” inflates

Letter to the Editor: solidarity does not look like a fence

By: Rachel Snodgrass *Editor’s note: The fence being constructed around the basketball courts costs approximately $170,000 and is funded by a private donor. Since the courts opened in fall of 2010, there have been 60 crimes reported near the courts, 47 of which were crimes of opportunity. As of now, community members will have to take a photo ID card to O’Connor Sports Center before getting an access card that will allow them to use the courts. When they are done playing, they must go back to O’Connor to return the card and get their ID back. Community members will … Continue reading Letter to the Editor: solidarity does not look like a fence