Mank brings to light lost story of famed writer

by Ben Thomson, Staff Writer In a year of cancellations and catastrophes from the capsizing film industry, one studio courageously conserved Hollywood through this caustic pandemic. That studio was Netflix.  In July, the studio released Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, in September they released Charlie Kaufman’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things and most recently in December, they gave us David Fincher’s Mank, the story of Citizen Kane co-screenwriter Herman “Mank” Mankiewicz. Mank is a sight for sore eyes. Fincher took great pains to replicate the look and feel of a movie from the 1930s and 40s. The cigarette burned, black … Continue reading Mank brings to light lost story of famed writer

YouTuber’s debut album fosters excitement

written BY: BEN THOMSON, staff writer There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an artist grow over a long period of time. I take joy in not just seeing a small artist reach a wider audience, but seeing talent be fully realized and expressed. I’ve been aware of Adam Johnston for five years. When I discovered him, it was under his YouTube channel “YourMovieSucksDotOrg,” where he reviews films with a dry, sardonic sense of humor. After a year of watching him, however, I discovered his second channel: an Unkindness. Here, he posted music… written and performed by him. Out of curiosity, … Continue reading YouTuber’s debut album fosters excitement

Tenet achieves expectations

WRITTEN BY: Ben Thomson, Staff Writer It’s finally here. One of the most anticipated films of 2020, the movie that will single handedly bring back theaters all across the country, the one that’s so grand director Christopher Nolan insisted it be shown in theaters all across the globe. That’s right, Tenet’s come to town.  But the question on everybody’s mind is, does it live up to the hype? I thought so. Will it bring back movie theaters anytime soon? Probably not. Tenet is a behemoth of a film. From the enormous set pieces to the lavish backdrops, every cent of … Continue reading Tenet achieves expectations