Back Page: 9/17

LEGO sets that should exist Written by: Brendan Shaughnessy Johnny Sins Lego Minifigures  He’s been a doctor, an astronaut, a veteran, a teacher and more. It’s time for LEGO to pay some respect to one of the most versatile men in pornography.  There are countless examples of minifigures that could share the iconic bald head of Johnny Sins. It’s pretty clear that not making a Johnny Sins minifigure sold alongside a gray couch would be leaving money on the table. A more realistic LEGO City Ever since appearing in 1992, LEGOCity has been one of the brand’s most popular sets. … Continue reading Back Page: 9/17

An alternative presidential candidate

BY BRENDAN SHAUGHNESSY Tired of feeling like your choices this election are limited between the two major candidates? It’s okay, we hear you, which is why we wanted to shed some light on an amazing third party candidate running for office this November: Gary Person, the founder of the Pizza Party who recently put his name in the running.  Many voters had never heard of Gary or the Pizza Party before he decided to run, which is why we reached out for an interview with the mysterious politician.  My first impression of Gary exemplified how different he was from career … Continue reading An alternative presidential candidate