A generation of scholars or redditors?

By: Taylor Fulkerson Over fall break, I spent my time trying to catch up on homework. The operative word here is “trying,” and I’d like to delve into what that means. Whenever I sit down to a computer, my instinct is to log in to Facebook. Frankly, I don’t know why. It is a desert of information. Occasionally there is the oasis of a nice news analysis that someone has posted, but for the most part, it is pictures I don’t care about, links to content I saw on reddit two weeks ago and those advertisements that pollute my Facebook … Continue reading A generation of scholars or redditors?

Read a book: it’s not as hard as you think

By: Andrew Koch Remember being a kid? Not the Buzzfeed, nostalgia-fueled vision of childhood that insists that ‘N Sync and Destiny’s Child were the epitome of popular music. Nor the one that laments how tragic it is that future generations won’t know what a VHS is. No, I’m talking about being whatever age it was when you were just learning how to read. Reading was fun. It was something we did to feel educated and grown-up. It was a way for us to pass a dull summer afternoon or to escape to worlds that we could never imagine otherwise. I … Continue reading Read a book: it’s not as hard as you think