Student art exhibit shines a light on survivorship

By Chloe Salveson and Cedar Earlywine, Multimedia Show Manager and Staff Writer The “Shadows and Light” art exhibit, hosted by the Confidential Peer Support Volunteers, showcases student art for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The gallery’s pieces focus on the process of healing from traumatic experiences.  The exhibit is a collaboration of multiple organizations on campus, including First Year Seminar (FYS), Campus Advocacy, It’s on X and the “Art of Expression” course.  Sarah Ely, a graduate student intern for the Confidential Peer Support Volunteer Program, organized the event.  “I’m hoping that it is able to showcase one student’s creativity. I know … Continue reading Student art exhibit shines a light on survivorship

Writers rank famous Disney icons

by CEDAR EARLYWINE, guest writer 1. Mulan She not only defied her father’s wishes and joined the army (to save his life), but Mulan also risked her own life to save her whole country. This occurs after she was shot with an arrow, almost executed for her fraud and left behind in the snow wearing a coat and some bandages. She is one of the smartest and most skilled soldiers in Li Shang’s army. 2. Olaf No one seems to recognize the fact that Olaf is the reason everything ends well in both Frozen movies. His character has great comedic value and … Continue reading Writers rank famous Disney icons