As The World Falls Down: Remembering David Bowie

By: Henry Eden ~Staff Writer~ David Bowie, one of the most versatile and unencumbered entertainers of his era, passed away on Sunday. Bowie’s death occurred at his home in New York following an 18-month battle with liver cancer. Bowie never made the news of his disease known to the public. Considered by many as the single most influential artist of his generation, Bowie’s death came as a tragic shock to his many followers throughout the world. An outpouring of memorial posts, pictures, videos and online tributes emerged from both fans and musicians alike. Bowie’s personae and musical style garnered him … Continue reading As The World Falls Down: Remembering David Bowie

Graphic novels merit greater respect

By: Katelyn Summers I’ve heard the same statement a thousand times. Most people don’t even mean it in a condescending fashion when they say it but it always sounds the same. “Well, Katelyn, comic books aren’t real books.” I have loved comics for many years now. They have been an important part in my life as well as an important part of my education. The fact that I, and most other comic book fans, must defend the merit of comic books in today’s society is rather ridiculous. I personally believe that one day comic books and graphic novels will be … Continue reading Graphic novels merit greater respect

Affleck to take on new Batman role

By: Grant Vance It has been recently announced that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman, causing quite a stir among “The Dark Knight” trilogy and comic book fans alike. Considering Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed trilogy ended merely a year ago, it’s interesting to see an announcement so soon that Ben Affleck has already been cast for the role. Ben Affleck was an interesting choice to the already controversial casting, mainly for his history with superhero films. Affleck starred as Daredevil in the 2003 film, a box office flop hated by comic book fans. Another tiff with the … Continue reading Affleck to take on new Batman role