Affleck to take on new Batman role

By: Grant Vance

It has been recently announced that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman, causing quite a stir among “The Dark Knight” trilogy and comic book fans alike.

Considering Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed trilogy ended merely a year ago, it’s interesting to see an announcement so soon that Ben Affleck has already been cast for the role.

Ben Affleck was an interesting choice to the already controversial casting, mainly for his history with superhero films. Affleck starred as Daredevil in the 2003 film, a box office flop hated by comic book fans.

Another tiff with the casting of Affleck comes from his history in films that have been considered less than brilliant. Films such as “Gigli” and his affiliation with indie director Kevin Smith have led to poor performances for Affleck, worrying fans.

Something to consider, however, is the fact that Affleck has made quite the comeback over the past three years. Affleck proved his true potential in the 2010 film “The Town,” a film he not only starred in but also wrote and directed. “The Town” was later nominated for several Academy Awards.

Affleck also wrote, directed and starred in 2012’s “Argo,” which was not only nominated for several Academy Awards, but won three Oscars and two Golden Globes. While there are several factors to consider, the fact that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new generation of “The Dark Knight” is all but a terrible thing.

While his history is not the best, he has proven on several occasions that he has what it takes to pummel crime in the pointyheaded cowl just as successfully as any of his caped predecessors.

Affleck is the new Batman regardless of whether fans agree with the decision or not. Affleck makes his first appearance as Batman in Zach Snyder’s follow-up of the summer blockbuster “Man of Steel,” set to be released the summer of 2015.

On the scale of George Clooney to Christian Bale, no one knows where Affleck will end up.

Even if Affleck is not the Batman fans are craving, the public will simply have to wait and see how he fits into the mask.